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custom leaderboards for your incentive programs
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Issue reward points for product purchases, sales or target achievement. Points can be redeemed or used to rank participants on a leaderboard

Group and rank participants on leaderboards to reward or recognize achievement amongst individuals or businesses

Create awards that are data driven to recognise performance and achievements

Track and communicate sales or key performance indicator progress towards targets. Award bonus points for target achievement

Amplify engagement, foster loyalty, and drive growth with our dynamic tier feature for your rewards program

Create quizzes for your program participants to earn bonus points for learning, including video content

Ordering rewards is easy with our streamlined shopping cart feature where members can redeem points for rewards

Manage points claims by members when they submit invoices, receipts or some other document upload required to earn points

Visually stunning designs are possible with our new Design Studio feature, to ensure your program reflects your branding perfectly

Offer merchandise or gift cards with our easy to use rewards catalog. Assign points values and categorize rewards

Track and manage your member reward orders with our order management feature

Manage member participation, registration and individual member points accounts. Group and segment your participants

Bulk email participants from the Incentable admin dashboard. Segment communications for targeted messaging

You're in control of your content. Create menus, pages and news articles in the admin dashboard and publish them in real-time to your program